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Treasure Hunt 19 begins with clue No. 1 
 A determined detective will win $318.37 by finding a special 35mm film canister with a secret message inside. The Northwest News will print a series of clues in subsequent issues that will lead the reader to the hidden location. The finder of the canister must take it to Lima Road Dentistry in the Empire Center for verification and to collect the money.

The $318.37 commemorates the founding of Huntertown in 1837. It was a natural clearing called “The Opening” along the Lima Plank Road that connected Lima (now called Howe) with Fort Wayne. advertisement The dentists of Lima Road Dentistry are sponsoring the search.

Drs. Maria Ghori, Angie King and Hal Atkinson have conspired to make this happen.
A map that shows the limits of Huntertown may be helpful in locating the treasure. Free maps are available at Lima Road Dentistry, 9019 Lima Road.
They may also be procured at Houser Automotive and Sweet Sanity Ice Cream on Lima Road in Huntertown.
You will want one before clue 2.

Here are the rules:
The treasure note is inside a 35mm film canister.
It will be hidden within the corporate limits of Huntertown.
It will be hidden on public property or public access property.
The Treasure Hunt is open to anyone.
The Treasure Hunt will continue until someone finds the canister.
The finder should take it to Lima Road Dentistry at 9019 Lima Road.
“Public access property” is defined as private property that the public can walk on where it is unlikely they will be yelled at by the owner.

Clue 1: The Treasure Hunt kickoff is finally here!
The Nancy Drews of our town start their nineteenth year.
The time has blown by so fast. It’s difficult to measure.
Empowering courts are further from Trine than is the treasure.
The canister is where it can be easily fetched.
No ladder, nor shovel, nor arms way outstretched is needed by hunters.
Sound easy? It should! But note now a key clue word is “wood.”
You may want a map to help with the next clue. It will narrow the search zone for friends and you.
So put on your thinking caps and head out the door.
School is around the corner. It’s time for a score!’

Clue 2:
The county fair is over. We hope you have a map. You need to connect three dots. So put on your thinking cap. 
The first spot had many crashes last Saturday night. The next spot has quiet local folks. Dust to dust, right? The third dot drops the “s” on a popular, tasty fish. Join the three dots. The space inside has that for which you wish.
Edgar sings: “Driving along with my radio on, feeling good.” The title of his song may help you search where you should. Hopefully this clue has you walking the right path. The money will come in handy when you do the math.

Clue 3:
Huntertown Heritage Days are about to begin. During the parade, treasure can hear the fire engine. How almost Parkersburg and broncos are related, add zep vertical classic and it can’t be debated.When you are near, your feet will be in the grass.
You must look closely. It is easy to walk past. Under cover I kind of am, But not under a roof, ma’am.
So as you wander through town during the festival days, treasure is not in the middle, but just a small ways. Don’t look too high. Keep your feet on the ground. With eyeballs peeled, the treasure may be found.

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