Bleaching Before and After

Brighten Your Smile With The Bleach Club

Age, tobacco, tea, coffee, wine and soda can wreak havoc on your teeth’s color.
Regain your brighter, more radiant smile with FREE whitening for life program.
Lima Road Dentistry has developed The Bleach Club, a White Teeth for Life
program that helps you do just that!

You’ll receive:
 Custom-fitted whitening trays for your teeth with a full whitening kit
 At every 6 month cleaning appointment in our office, you’ll receive a FREE
refill tube of the Zoom whitening solution.
 Impressions will be taken to create your custom whitening trays
 A maximum of one Zoom whitening solution refill will be provided at each
cleaning appointment. 

Patient Rules and Regulations:
Must be 18 years of age, or have parent/guardian consent.
Must comply with minimum required dental and hygiene care as treatment
planned by our Doctors.
Must comply with all of our policies regarding payment and broken