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The mystery begins with Clue 1 in this very article.  This is the 18th year for the Huntertown Heritage Days Treasure Hunt.  A lucky ready reader and savvy sleuth will win $318.37 by locating a very special film canister with a secret message inside.  The Northwest News will print  a series of clues that will lead the clever cryptographer to the hidden location.  The finder of the canister must take it to Lima Road Dentistry in the Empire Center for verification and to collect the money.


Last year’s winners, the Herr family (Julie, Charlie, Julie, and Jeff), are already sharpening their pencils and their observational skills in an effort to repeat.  The fabled Tester Boys, Luke and Matt, are hoping for their fourth Treasure Hunt victory.


Why $318.37?  Huntertown came into being back in 1837 when it was called “The Opening”.  It was a natural clearing in the forest along the Lima Plank Road that connected Lima (now called Howe)with Fort Wayne.  $300 was added to the $18.37 to make the hunting efforts more worthwhile.  The magic total of $318.37 was born.


The dentists of Lima Road Dentistry are the sponsoring entity.  Dr. Angie King, Dr. Maria Ghori, and Dr. Hal Atkinson will briefly lay down their drills to fabricate the convoluted clues.  Visit WeBabyChickens.com for a look at Lima Road Dentistry.


A map that indicates the limits of Huntertown will likely be helpful in your search.  Free maps are available at Lima Road Dentistry, 9019 Lima Road in the Empire Center.  They may also be procured at Houser Automotive and Papa’s Place in Huntertown.


Membership in the Huntertown Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame adds fame and glory to the cash won.  The Treasure Finders will have their names engraved on the trophy that rests in the reception room at Lima Road Dentistry for all passersby to admire!  Here is a look back at the successful Nancy Drews and Sherlocks of the past along with the year they won.


2000–Heather Brinker
2001–Kevin Fitch, John Myers, John Hartman
2002–Steven and Julie Clark
2003–Tyler and Travis Olinski
2004–Austin and Sean King
2005–Loree Grimm
2006–Julie and Audrey Clark
2007–Steven Clark and family
2008–Carrie Ferguson, Ashtin Kurtz, Alexis Money
2009–Samara Perfect, Debbie Greer, Noah & Aiden Jones
2010–Debbie Greer, Samara Perfect, Noah & Aiden Jones
2011–Barry and Dedra Leffers
2012–Amelia, Landin, & Riley Brinker  AND Lucas & Matt Tester
2013–Erika, Trevor, and Josh Whedon
2014–Lucas and Matt Tester
2015–Lucas and Matt Tester
2016–Julie, Charlie, Emily, and Jeff Herr


Here are the rules:
1. The Treasure note will be inside a 35mm film canister.
2.  It will be hidden within the corporate limits of Huntertown.
3.  It will be hidden on public property or public access property.
4.  The Treasure Hunt is open to anyone.
5.  The Treasure Hunt will continue until someone finds the canister.
6.  The finder should take it to Lima Road Dentistry at 9019 Lima Road.
7.  “Public access property” is defined as private property that the public can walk on where it is unlikely they will be yelled at by the owner. (This is a friendly town, you know.)


OK, that’s it.  Let the Treasure Hunting begin.  Good luck and Godspeed!


Clue 1:

For eighteen years the Treasure Hunt has been occurring.
The 1837 makes it a historical thing.
The Treasure is within nearly everybody’s reach.
No ladder or step-stool needed.  Ain’t that a peach?
The Treasure is on the Georgia side of last year’s spot.
On a sunny day, the canister may be hot.
It is nestled toward CMU from Southyard Court.
Check the News for fresh clues.  Gather friends and cavort!

Clue 2:

Clue 2 is early to pull off a find.
A sleuth who can do it owns a sharp mind.
Want to join the Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame?
Look at the lands toward KC from Hunters Lane.
The Treasure is near to where some folks move in haste.
The canister is closer to earth than your waist.

Clue 3:

You may think “fat spiders”, but that is not so!
A web of black duct tape helps Treasure not go.
You’ll find it near the Nets, but not in Brooklyn.
You could get clothes dirty as you reel it in.
The canister lays above ground, not under a rock.
Maybe under a football, if you flip it, Croc.
If you cherish the Parade look, clap, cheer, and shout.
The Treasure is less than a half mile from the route!